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Why retro-caravan-hire.com?  
Forget roughing it in the great outdoors – and ditch following the not so "in" crowd to that chic B&B – at retro-caravan-hire.com we offer vintage caravan hire for today’s kitsch camper...! 
Retro caravan hire provides the perfect, vintage glamping experience.
Old is the new cool!
Modern caravans are, well, not cool; hip hotels can quickly destroy your credit card; and even the best tents have to be put up, tripped over, dried out and then packed away again. Then there’s the cooker, the sleeping bags, the gas, the lights, the hassle...
But wait...! With our retro caravan options you won’t need to bust the bank next time you want to impress. We can guarantee you’ll be the centre of attention wherever you decide to go – romantic getaway, music festival or one-night around the camp fire.
Welcome to retro caravan hire. 
The Vans with a plan... welcome to retromania!
Meet the coolest accommodation in travel (well, maybe apart from those fancy ice-hotels). 
Ruby van is definitely 70s retro – a grand old lady of 40 years, but she’s one of our babies and we’re sure you’ll love her too. She sleeps 4, has a kitchen and dining area, a portable loo (and that's vintage too)... She's got all the classic moves – you will not have seen curtains or upholstery quite like it in a caravan, there's even a smattering of seventies style board games to keep you entertained! All you’ll need next is a bottle of Blue Nun and a vol au vent or two.
We can pull this old lady to the top spot of your choice - or we can recommend the perfect place for you (whether its peace and quiet you're after or a more lively music festival)...!
Sam van oozes 1940s vintage style. He's small and shiny, and carries all the wow-factor of a platinum diamond ring (or a gin and tonic carrying pygmy for that matter). Fashioned from aluminium this teardrop trailer is the first of its kind! 
Sam can sleep two in full double bed comfort (or three if you're all friends) and has that ever-so-cool flip-up rear kitchen area (or cocktail preparation zone as we prefer to call it). 
This van is so light a Fiat 500 or Mini Cooper could pull it – we’ll help you hitch the trailer up to your car... And away you go...! The world’s your oyster...! (Had to get a Whitstable plug in there!)
Van’p it up Baby! 
Now, we don’t want to boast, but we believe our vans can add a little something to any occasion. So, don’t just think camping... think 70s style garden party, think backdrops for business promotions or model-shoots, think incentive prize for staff, or think of an exciting treat for the kids.
And as locals in the seaside town of Whitstable, we have the contacts and knowledge to provide you with that ultimate touch – the perfect secluded beach, the luxury picnic hamper, the cupcakes, the best Kentish cider or pork sausages.
Indulge your sense of nostalgia and hire a vintage van from retro-caravan-hire.com
Call me (Julia Woodcock) on 01227 266668 or 07966 510012 to find out more.
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